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Stenosis carotid, x-ray of the left artery
Stenosis carotid, x-ray of the right artery
Receivers of the balance

Alternative return    of the names to the cover

I am annoying - been annoying; Loss of balance; Vertigo

Return    of the definition to the cover

The vertigos can be experimented as I am annoying, feeling like you could be desmayar, being unstable, loss of balance, or vertigo (a sensation of which you or the quarter it is that it rotates or of change).

Most of the causes of the vertigos they are not serious and quickly solves in his the own ones or they treat easily.

The common causes    return to the cover

I am annoying happens when there is no enough blood that obtains to the brain. This can happen if there is a sudden drop in his arterial pressure or they dehydrate to him to vomit, diarrea, fever, or another one the causes. Much people, specially as they obtain older, I am annoying of the experience if they rise too much quickly of a lie or a based position. I am annoying often accompanies the influenza, the common cold, or the allergies.

Conditions more serious than can lead to I am annoying include problems of the heart (such as rate of the heart or attacks of the abnormal heart), the movement, and the severe drop in the arterial pressure (shock). If nobodies of these serious disorders are present, you will have generally additional symptoms like pain chest, a sensation of a heart that competes with, the loss of speech, the change in the vision, or other symptoms.

The most common causes of the vertigo are benign vertigo and positional labyrinthitis. The benign positional vertigo is the vertigo that happens when you change the position of your head. Labyrinthitis follows a cold or an influenza and is caused generally by a viral infection of the internal oido one. The disease of Meniere is another common problem of the internal oido one. It causes the vertigo, loss of balance, and sound in the ears.

Much less commonly, the vertigo or the unstable sensation is a sample of the movement, of the multiple sclerosis, graspings, a tumor of brain, or a landslide in its brain. In such conditions, other symptoms accompany generally the vertigo or the imbalance.

Homemade return    of the care to the cover

If you tend to obtain lightheaded when you are stopped for above, she avoids the sudden changes in position.

If you are thirsty or lightheaded, drinks the liquids. If you cannot keep the liquids under nausea or to vomit, you can need the intravenous liquids. These give you in the hospital.

Most of the times, of the benign positional vertigo and the labyrinthitis the own ones within some weeks go far in his. During attacks of the vertigo of any cause, it still tries to recline and to lie. Avoid the sudden changes in his position as well as shining lights. Be cautious on leading or using the machinery.

A certain vertigo can be reduced working with therapist physical. The medications of their doctor can help him to feel better.

Such medications include the antihistamine ones, the sedatives, or the pills for nausea. For the disease of Meniere, the surgery can be necessary.

His supplier of the medical care calls if    returned to the cover

Call 911 or goes to a quarter of emergency if somebody with vertigos also has:

  • An injury in the head
  • Excessive fever 101°F, headache, or neck very hard
  • Convulsions or vomiting in course
  • Pain chest, palpitaciones of heart, shortness of the breathing, weakness, incapacity to move an arm or a leg, or to change in the vision or the speech
  • Sense that desmaya and perdidoso for more than some minutes

Call to his doctor if:

  • You never have had vertigos before.
  • The symptoms that you have had in the past are different (for example, finally more of length than generally, it is worse than before, or are interfering with his daily activities).
  • The medication is the suspected cause. Speak with his supplier of the medical care before making any changes to his medication.
  • You have any loss of ear.

What to wait for in the return of the office of its supplier    of the medical care the cover

His doctor will make a physical examination, being centered in his heart, head, ears, and nervous system, and makes question for example:

  • Their vertigos feel as I am annoying, vertigo, or imbalance?
  • Their vertigos happen with a change in the position of the body?
  • What other symptoms happen when you it feels been annoying?
  • When their vertigos began?
  • Are always navigated you or the vertigos come and go?
  • Whichever time the vertigos last (the minutes, the hours)?
  • Another disease became before or after which the vertigos began? How much more ahead?
  • You have had nausea and to vomit?
  • You have a significant amount of tension or anxiety?
The diagnosis tests that can be made include:

Return    of the prevention to the cover

Precise deal with the infections the ear, colds, the respiratory influenzas, congestión of but, and other infections. This can help to prevent labyrinthitis and the disease with Meniere.

If you are the cold, the influenza, or another viral disease, a pile of the drink of liquids to avoid dehydrated obtaining.

Return    of the references to the cover

coast SS of gives. Disease of Meniere: description, epidemiología, and natural history. North De Otolaryngol Clin. 2002; 35(3): 455-495.

Tusa RJ. Vertigos. North De Med Clin. 2003; 87(3): 609-641, vii.

Swartz R. Treatment of the vertigo. Doctor Of the Fam. 2005; 71(6): 1115-1122.

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