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Which is vertigos?

Populate who the opinion feels they who ' been annoying ' are referring generally a sensation to give return around or of the turn. Alternatively, the vertigos can be used to describe a sensation that is shaken, or a sensation of the weakness, faintness, I am annoying or unsteadiness. Once in a while, some individuals say that they have guarded the vision, sensations of unreality, desmayan themselves, the blackouts or still the epilépticos adjustments. All these talk about sometimes as ' been annoying it spelled.

What causes vertigos and who is in the risk?

There are many causes of the vertigos. The conditions that affect the internal oido one can cause this symptom, because here it is where the organ of the balance (the labyrinth) is located; more rarely, the conditions that affect the brain can also lead to the vertigos. Abnormalitys of the rate or the falls of the heart in the arterial pressure when being unemployed for above can cause the sensation of I am annoying. The conditions most common to affect the vertigos of the internal oido one and the cause include the disease of Meniere, the ' benign positional vertigo ' and the ' neuronitis vestibulares, that also is known as ' virales labyrinthitis and can be from a viral infection of the labyrinth.

Which are the symptoms and the common complications of the vertigos?

The exact symptoms depend on the real cause of the vertigos. Patients who cause that the disease of Meniere describes recurrent, severe attacks of the rotatory vertigos (the sensation of the turn), known like ' vértigó, and deafness and sound in the ears. These attacks suddenly go ahead and the hard tin per minutes to one hour or more of length. They are generally so severe that the person cannot be shutdown or to walk and can have nausea and vomit. It can also have a sensation of the fullness in the ear. The attacks can happen several times to the week by many weeks in end, or can disappear in his the own ones by several years.

The benign positional vertigo is another problem of the internal oido one. The episodes of the rotatory vertigos are driven when the head of the person moves in specific positions. It happens generally when lying down in bed or when the head inclines the other way around. Once in a while, a sudden return of the head of the person drives the vertigo by some seconds. This condition is commonest in greater people.

The viral labyrinthitis is a condition that happens mainly in young adults, although the children and older people can be affected. He is preceded often by a cold or influenza-like disease when a heavy sensation of being superior or the balance can be felt. There is a sudden beginning of the severe vertigo, nausea, to vomit and of the necessity still to remain. The symptoms last generally per hours, although they can last once in a while by several days. This condition thinks to be caused by a viral infection of the labyrinth.

Very rarely, the tumors that affect the nerve that provides the internal oido one can cause vertigos. This condition is associated almost always to deafness in the affected ear.

The vertigos are a common complaint of the people who suffer of jaqueca (it see the separated card of data).

The rotatory vertigos in greater people can be from the interruption of the source of the blood to the base of the brain. They are rare, nevertheless, so that this condition only causes vertigos and there it is generally other symptoms of the disturbada function of the brain. Very rarely, the multiple sclerosis can cause rotatory vertigos in young adults. Nevertheless, other symptoms of this condition are generally also present.

How the doctors recognize the cause of the vertigos?

The diagnosis of the cause of the vertigos is often made of the other symptoms associated to the vertigos and of a description of the been annoying one it spells. The doctor takes well-taken care of individual to examine the ears and the nervous system of the person. In a number of people, the tests of the hearing and the balance are done by a specialist (ENT) of the ear, the nose and the throat. In rare cases, the explorations of the brain [ tomography computed (CT) and the projection of image of magnetic resonance (MRI) ] and the electrical recordings of the brain (electroencefalograma, EEG) can be required to make the diagnosis.

Which is the treatment for the vertigos?

plan of action of the One same-care

If you have benign positional vertigo, simply to avoid the sudden main movements can be everything that is required to take care of the condition. Low arterial pressure populates that when being unemployed can avoid the symptom of the vertigos when this one happens being stopped for above slowly of a based position or lie.


The disease of Meniere can be helped by a called drug ' betahistiné.

In the patients who have diminished the source of the blood to the base of the brain that caused vertigos, the aspirin can be of advantage.

The vertigos caused by viral labyrinthitis can respond to the injections of the drugs such as prochlorperazine and cyclizine, that they often improve nausea, to vomit and the vertigos.

The viral labyrinthitis obtains generally better quickly without the treatment.


It is only very rarely the required surgery to deal with nobodies the causes of the vertigos. Once in a while, somebody that has disease of very severe Meniere that is not responding to the drug therapy can benefit from surgery in the internal oido one to treat the problem.

Which is the result of the vertigos?

The result of the vertigos depends on its cause. The viral labyrinthitis better obtains in his the own one. The disease of Meniere is often of always a condition, although it can solve spontaneously once in a while. The symptoms can often be controlled well with the medication.



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