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Samples and symptoms of the movement

Which are the most common symptoms of the movement?
The following ones are the most common symptoms of the movement. Nevertheless, each individual can experience symptoms differently. If nobodies of these symptoms are present, calls 911 immediately (or its local services of the ambulance ). The treatment is most effective when it is begun immediately. The symptoms can include:

  • weakness or sudden entumecimiento of the face, the arm, or the leg, specially in a side of the body

  • confusion or sudden difficulty that speaks or that understands

  • sudden problems with the vision as dimness or loss of vision in or ambo eyes

  • sudden vertigos or problems with the balance or the coordination

  • sudden problems with the movement or to walk

  • sudden, severe headaches without the other known cause

All the aforesaid signals of danger can not happen with each movement. It does not pay attention to nobodies of the danger signals, if they even leave - they take the action immediately. The symptoms of the movement can resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always consult to his doctor for a diagnosis.

Which are some other symptoms of the movement?
Other, less common, the symptoms of the movement can include the following one:

  • sudden nausea, vomiting, or to fever not caused by a viral disease

  • brief loss or change of the sense as to desmayar itself, confusion, graspings, or eats

  • attack transitory isquémico (TIA), or "mini-movement"

A TIA can such cause many of symptoms that a movement, but the TIA symptoms are transitory and last by some minutes to some days. Call immediately for the medical aid if you suspect that a person is having a TIA, because she can be a danger signal that a movement is around to happen. Not all the movements, nevertheless, are preceded by TIAs.

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