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Ti'mido-Drager Syndrome

Atrophy multiple of the system with the autonomic lack, also call Shy-Drager-Drager syndrome, is a progressive disorder of the central and autonomic nervous systems. The disorder is characterized by the postural hypotension -- an excessive drop in the arterial pressure that causes to vertigos or momentary blackouts on being unemployed or to get up itself. There are 3 types of Ti'mido-Drager syndrome: Parkinsonian-type that can include symptoms of the disease of Parkinson such as slow movement, stiff muscles, and smooth tremors; cerebeloso-type that can include problems such as loss of balance and the tendency to fall; and combination-type that can include symptoms of both types 1 and 2. The symptoms of Parkinsonian and the symptoms of the autonomic disfunción such as constipation and sexual impotence in men predominate early in the course of the disease. The constipation can be implacable and it last to handle in some patients. Ti'mido-Drager can be difficult to diagnose in the first times; nevertheless, within a year of the beginning most of the patients they develop the postural hypotension. It stops most of patients, the arterial pressure is unstable -- often fluctuating upwards and downwards -- and causes severe headaches. Other symptoms can develop, for example the generalized weakness, the double vision and/or other disturbances of the vision, the sensorial weakening of the speech, changes, the difficulties with the breathing and also swallow, the irregularities in blow of the heart, incapacity to sweat, and diarrea.

Ti'mido-Drager is often totreat difficult due to the fluctuations in the arterial pressure. The general course of the treatment goes that it controls symptoms. The medication of Against-Parkinson, as L-l-it drugs, can be beneficial but it is due to use with the precaution because loss can arterial tension, causing blackouts. To release arterial tension loss, the dietetic increases of the salt and the liquid can be beneficial. The medications to elevate the arterial pressure as corticoesteroides they can cause indirect effect and must carefully supervise by a doctor the medications, metoclopramide, the derivatives of ergotamine, and indomethacin Alfa-alpha-adrenergic is useful in many cases. Sleeping in a position head-up at night can reduce to headaches and vertigos in the morning. A tube of artificial feeding or the breathing tube can be inserted surgical for the management of difficulties that swallow and breathings. In rare cases, the marcapasos can be implanted to correct irregularities of the heart.

Ti'mido-Drager finishes generally in death 7 to 10 years after the beginning of symptoms. Pulmonía is the cause commonest of the death, although the irregularities in blow of the heart can be responsible for death in some patients.

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National institute of neurological disorders and movement
National institutes of the health

Created Article: 1999-03-20
Reviewed Article: 1999-03-19

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