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BEACH of DAYTONA, Fla., Of February the 23, 2004 – A university of the experimental study of Pittsburgh has rendered the results that can pave the way to understand the basic process of the jaqueca-related vertigos and the new possible treatments. The results of this study will be presented/displayed in a poster in the half-full meeting of winter of of the association for the investigation in otorrinolaringología, February 22-26 in the beach of Daytona, Fla.

25 million people of considered in the United States experience headaches of jaqueca. Third of these individuals also it undergoes almost related episodes of the vertigo or the vertigos, accounting for almost 3 percents of people in the United States. The investigators do not know to the cause and the process (patofisiología) behind jaqueca-related vertigos, but many create a relation with the function to vestibular, that is to say, the sense of the balance in the internal oido one, is implied. The determination of the cause and the process of this disorder is an essential element in the development of effective treatments.

In the experimental study, “Pathophysiology of theJaqueca-Relacionados vertigos, ” the investigators Jose M. Furman, M.D., Ph.D., dawn To Marcus, M.D., Patrick Sparto, Ph.D., mark Redfern, Ph.D., and J. Richard Jennings, Ph.D., all the university of Pittsburgh, deals with the cause and the process the vertigos jaqueca-related exploring the suspected relation to abnormalitys vestibulares. The results of this study suggest patient them with jaqueca-related vertigos have abnormalitys in the function to vestibular between the episodes of the headache of jaqueca or the vertigos and are more visually employees than people with jaqueca without vertigo or controls pain head-free. The authors speculate that the base for these results can be related to the mechanisms that control serotonin, a neurotransmitter, in the system to vestibular central.

The headaches of jaqueca can be characterized by a headache thrown to a side that presses that it interferes with life of every day, discharge sensitivity to the lights and the sound, irritability, nausea, or extreme anxiety. Some victims of jaqueca also experience an aureole (shining lights who flash, points, hidden vision blurry, points, or still problems of the audience, sensorial or of the motor) around one hour before beginning of the headache. An episode of jaqueca also can include debilitating vertigo, or the vertigos, known like jaqueca-related vertigos.

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