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Menopause and vertigos

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Menopause and vertigos

Unfortunately during menopause, the explosive symptom of the vertigos is all too common one. You know to the sensation - a sensation that rotates within its head that tears down with the rest of its body that does impossible to be in La Paz. Or the incapacity to rise quickly nondesemejante of the sensation that you have when right lupulización outside a practitioner of coast of the roller. In extreme cases, you can feel as if you are in the end of reception of the blows outside the blowing at the top.

Far from menopause, the vertigos can be attributed to a variety of the factors - the more remarkably possible fluctuations in the arterial pressure, the virales sugar of low blood and infections. When they come to the menopause, to the anxiety and particularly to the hyperventilation, the headaches of jaqueca, and the attacks of the panic can all the combats of the cause of the debilitating vertigos. Some women undergo so much of this symptom who do agoraphobic because they leave the house, they fear to arrive weak and to be been annoying.

For the starters, the estrogen and the progesterone make level drop, and this one is one of the first things that need to be verified by their doctor before you make any thing. The estrogen also affects the nerves and if he takes place not enough, it can leave "the abraded" sensation him in the edges. The progesterone takes place in the brain as well as serotonin and if this hormone is lacking, its capacity to feel calm can be affected. And, when estrogen is being provided not enough to the brain, the vertigos and other related sensations can be.

The humming, another symptom infame of the menopause, can also contribute to the sensations of the vertigos. The constant sound, whooshing, and gojear of the ears they can disorient to him. Combine that with symptoms others like the headaches of jaqueca, hot flashes, the night it sweats, and the attacks and you of the panic have a formula to be unbalanced. The women who are undergoing of panic or the anxiety attacks during menopause are more probable for hyperventilate and this fast breathing can easily cause the vertigos, giddiness or the weak sensations.

Some women disclose that not to eat correctly including meals that jump it also can cause vertigos. If you one feels been annoying, first she siéntese or she lies down and she breathes deeply and slowly. This eliminates the hyperventilation, specially if you breathe deeply in a paper stock market. If you are tired sensation, try to cut to the sugar and caffein and drink the portions of water. Walk around the block instead of seating in front of the TV.

Make a new activity that obtains chi or yoga to him movable of tai. Both.of.these exercises obtains their energy that moves as well as calm to him and relaxes the tension of the body. The symptoms worsen sometimes menopausal because in this time in many of our lives, the demands in us are increased perceivably. We could have grown to the children who are in university, obtaining home that goes away married, or just. Possibly our parents who are ill and perhaps uniform some of our friends. Our relations are changing of position often and the papers are changing. If you are the type of person who has difficulty with the change anyway, this can become a still more difficult transition.

See his doctor to determine the cause of his vertigos. If is related anxiety, you can need medical aid. On the other hand, their symptoms can simply be handled with the one curativos same-care and the alternative.

The information in this article is for the educative intentions only, and it does not think like medical advice.


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