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Treatment of acupuncture for the vertigo and the vertigos
Chinese Etiología and pathology of the medicine

Acupuncture is used clinical for the treatment of the vertigo. Our discussion of the vertigo first sight the condition of western points of view of the east and. After the information introductoria we watched the condition of a traditional Chinese perspective of the medicine (TCM). We discussed the samples, the symptoms and the diagnosis of TCM found commonly in people with vertigo. The points of the treatment of acupuncture for each diagnosis of TCM offer considerations along with and the information of the form of life for the additional investigation.

¤· Note ·¤ the information of the treatment of proportionate acupuncture down is not due to use for the treatment of the one same one. You must consult your doctor and/or acupuncturist in your area. He is also worthy of the observation that the diagnosis of TCM and the described points of the treatment down they are not the only ways to the diagnosis and they do not deal this condition with acupuncture. Within the practice of acupuncture there are many styles such as Japanese acupuncture, for example, that has theories, diagnosis and unique protocols of treatment.

If you are new to acupuncture, you can wish to read our page of the foundations of acupuncture as well as our page that its first treatment of acupuncture describes.

vertigos of ¤ and information of the vertigo:
Western  information Of the Medicine Of ¤
diagnosis  of ¤ TCM and treatments of acupuncture
sources  of ¤
¤  Discute This Information

Diagnosis of TCM and treatments of acupuncture

The vertigos can be experimented internally with uncomfortable sensations possibly with the loss of balance. The vertigo can be experimented like external imbalance where the objects can look like to move around the patient whereas they themselves still feel.

  • Etiología And Patologi'a:
    • Differentiation:
      • Excess De Condiciones:
      • Lv Yang/Fire that generates the wind - May presents/displays of emotional deficiency of editions a/or KD Yin.
      • Flema-Hu'meda retention - one appears of the ST/SP weakness
      • Deficient Conditions:
      • Qi and deficiency of the blood - May appears of the long term weakness of a/or disease ST/SP
      • Deficiency of KD Jing - age appears as an older person but it can come generally from the extreme exhaustion
    • Lv Yang/Fire That generates the Wind - Excess
      • Samples And Symptoms:
        • Vertigos, red face, possible irritability, tremors/tics.
        • Tongue-piece:
          Red yellow layer of w/thin
        • Pulse: Wiry, possibly slippery express or
      • Points Of The Treatment:
        • Selection of the point of Valaskatagis (with the additions):
        • Lv 2 - The fire of the LV, could use LV 3 if less heat signs
        • GB 20 - Qi descends, clear head
        • GV 20 - Qi descends
        • GB 34 - Fire of LV/GB
        • 6 SP - tonify Yin
    • Flema-Hu'meda Retention - Excess
      • Samples And Symptoms:
        • Vertigos with the sensation of the gravity, fullness of the region epigastric of the a/or chest, nausea, vomiting, esputo profuse, no appetite.
        • Tongue-piece:
          W/yellow grasiento or castrates white
        • Pulse:
      • Points Of The Treatment:
        • Selection of the point of Valaskatagis (with the additions):
        • Cv 12 - St Shu
        • St 40 - flema of the resolution
        • St 8 - flema of the resolution in the head
        • UB 20 - SP Shu
        • UB 21 - St Shu
        • 20 GV - clear the head
    • Qi and Deficiencia Of the Blood
      • Samples And Symptoms:
        • Vertigos that are worse with the movement of the a/or effort, pale dull complexion of a/or, lassitude, palpitaciones, insomnia, poor appetite.
        • Tongue-piece:
        • Pulse:
          Fine, weak
      • Points Of The Treatment:
        • Selection of the point of Valaskatagis (with the additions):
        • St 36 - tonify ST/SP
        • 6 SP - tonify ST/SP
        • Cv 6 - if qi more deficient, CV 4 if more deficient blood
        • UB 20 - SP Shu
        • 17 UB - meeting of hui of the blood
        • GV 20 - the Qi raises at the top
    • Deficiency of KD Jing
      • Samples And Symptoms:
        • Chronic vertigos with the sensation of emptiness in the head, poor memory, humming, doloridas knees of the a/or posteriora part of the low point, seminal emissions.
        • Tongue-piece:
        • Pulse:
      • Points Of The Treatment:
        • Selection of the point of Valaskatagis (with modifications):
        • 3 KD - tonify KD
        • Cv 4 - tonify Qi
        • UB 23 - KD Shu
        • 39 GB - meeting of hui of the marrow
        • GV 20 - the Qi raises at the top

Sources and resources for the additional study

There are many resources that discuss to the Chinese medicine and the practice of acupuncture for the specific conditions. Our theory of acupuncture and sections of the resource of the treatments of acupuncture include a comprehensive list of texts and the Web site related to acupuncture and its use in the treatment of specific conditions. Underneath they are the sources that were used for this article:


The following text book is available of the school of the New England of the bookstore of acupuncture:
¤ Valaskatgis, Peter: Notes Of the Pathology Of Acupuncture   ()

The following notes of the conference also were consulted:
St. Juan, Meredith Of ¤: School of the New England of notes of the conference of acupuncture, the etiología and the pathology
¤ Valaskatgis, Peter: School of the New England of notes of the conference of acupuncture, the etiología and the pathology

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