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Pregnancy And Childbirth

Common Malaises During Pregnancy

Which are some common malaises during pregnancy?

The symptoms of the malaise due to the pregnancy vary of woman-to-woman. The following ones are some common malaises. Nevertheless, each one mother-to-is can experience symptoms differently or absolutely:

  • nausea and vomiting
    Around half of all pregnant nausea and sometimes to vomit of the experience of the women in the first trimester - disease also called in the morning because the symptoms are most severe in the morning. Some women can have nausea and vomit through the pregnancy. The cause of the disease in the morning can be due to the changes in levels of the hormone during pregnancy.

    The disease in the morning looks like to be agravated by the tension, to travel, and certain foods above in protein and fat. To diminish the symptoms, being eaten eaten small several times to the day can help. A high complex carbohydrate diet (such as whole bread of the wheat, the pastes, the bananas, and green, the leafy vehicles) can also help to reduce the severity of nausea.

    If vomiting he is severe, making a woman lose the liquids and the weight, gravidarum of the hiperemesis can indicate a called condition. The hiperemesis can lead to the dehydration and can require the hospitalization for the intravenous liquids and the nutrition. Call to his doctor if you are having constant or severe nausea and is vomiting.

  • fatigue
    Then the body works in extra hours to provide an atmosphere of feeding for the fetus, is not no wonder that an pregnant woman often feels tired. Of the first trimester, their volume of the blood and other liquids increase as its body fits to the pregnancy. The anemia is sometimes the underlying cause of the fatigue. The anemia is a reduction in the oxygen taken through the sanguineous circulation by the cells of red blood. An analysis of simple blood was made in the first prenatal visit will verify to know if there is anemia.

  • hemorrhoids
    Due to the increasing pressure in the rectum and perinéo, and the increasing probability to become constipated as the pregnancy progresses, hemorrhoids is common in last pregnancy. To avoid the constipation and leaking they can help to prevent hemorrhoids. Always verify with its doctor before using any medication to treat this condition.

  • veins of varicose
    The veins of Varicose - swollen, veins purples - are common in the legs and around the vaginal opening during last pregnancy. In most of the cases, the veins of varicose are caused by the increasing pressure in the legs and the pelvic veins, and by the increasing volume of the blood.

  • heartburn and indigestion
    Heartburn and indigestion, caused by the pressure in the internal and the stomach (that, alternadamente, stomach content pushes maintains in the esophagus), can be prevented or to be reduced eating eaten smaller through the day and avoiding shortly after to lie down to eat.

  • rubbers of the drain
    The rubbers can get to be spongier as the flow of the blood increases during pregnancy, making bleed easily them. An pregnant woman must continue taking the care from her teeth and rubbers and going to the dentist for the regular controls. This symptom disappears generally after pregnancy.

  • cuadratín
    Cuadratín is to yearn for rare to eat substances with exception of the food, as dirt, clay, or coal. Yearning for can indicate a nutritional deficiency.

  • retention of swelling/fluid
    The smooth swelling is common during pregnancy but the severe swelling that persists can indicate preeclampsia (abnormal condition marked by high the arterial tension). The lie in the left side, the elevation of the legs, and to use the shoes of the comfortable hose of the aid and can help to release the swelling.

  • changes of the skin
    due to the hormone fluctuations it makes level, including the hormones that stimulate the pigmentación of the skin, brown, the clouded remiendos can happen in the face, the forehead, and/or the cheeks. This often is called the mask of the pregnancy, or cloasma, and disappears often soon after delivery.

The pigmentación can also increase of the skin that surrounds entrerroscas, called the areola. In addition, a dark line appears frequently under the center of the abdomen.

  • marks of the streching
    The rosaceous marks of the streching can appear in the abdomen, the chests, the thighs, or the rumps. The marks of the streching are caused generally by a fast increase in weight, and the marks are descoloran generally after pregnancy.

  • infections of the leavening
    due to the changes of the hormone and to the increasing vaginal unloading, also called leukorrhea, an pregnant woman is more susceptible to the infections of the leavening. The infections of the leavening are characterized by a heavy, off-white unloading of the vagina and itching. The infections of the leavening are highly treatable. Always consult to his doctor before taking any medication for this condition.

  • congested or bloody nose
    During pregnancy, the trimming of the respiratory zone often receives more blood, doing congested it. This congestión can also cause to the congestión in the nose or nosebleeds. In addition, the small blood vessels in the nose easily are damaged due to the increasing arterial pressure, causing nosebleeds.

  • constipation
    The increasing pressure of the pregnancy in the rectum and the internal can interfere with with the digestion and subsequent movements of intestine. In addition, the changes of the hormone can delay the food that is processed by the body. The increase liquids, the regular exercise, and the increase of the fiber in their diet is some of the ways to prevent the constipation. Always verify with his doctor before taking any medication to know if there is this condition.

  • backache
    Whereas the weight of a woman increases, its balance changes, therefore, to filter it behind. The pelvic joints that begin to also relax in the preparation for the childbirth contribute to this the tension of the posteriora part. The appropriate position and the appropriate techniques of elevation through the pregnancy can help to reduce the tension in the posteriora part.

  • vertigos
    The vertigos during pregnancy are a common symptom, that it is possible to be caused close:

    • arterial tension loss due to the uterus that compresses important arteries
    • sugar of low blood
    • low iron
    • quickly moving from a position that feels to a right position

    In order to avoid that injury lowers during episodes of the vertigos, an pregnant woman must be shutdown for above slowly and clinging to the walls and other structures of the stable for the aid and the balance.

  • headaches
    The hormonal changes can be the cause of headaches during pregnancy, specially during the first trimester. Reclínese, appropriate nutrition, and the suitable fluid product can help to alleviate symptoms of the headache. Always consult to his doctor before taking any medication for this condition.

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