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Exercise during pregnancy: samples of the danger

The moderate exercise maintains its strong and flexible muscles, that will come in useful during work. Also it relaxes to him, it reduces to the physical malaises of the pregnancy such as backache and constipation, and makes behind obtain his body after much more easy childbirth. But you will have more limitations now than you are embarrassed. Its body has changed: its center of gravity has changed of position, you are taking more weight, and you she gets tired more quickly. That one is porqué you you must exercise with well-taken care of and listening close by its body. It will let know to him when you are pushing it to work too much hardly and you are entering the danger area.

If you have nobodies of these symptoms, calls to your midwife or doctor immediately. Those marking with a bullet (*) are more serious, so if his doctor or midwife is prohibitive, you can talk about to the prenatal unit of the burden of the day if its hospital has one, or call by telephone their unit of maternity, or goes to the department of the accident and the emergency.

So that what watches:

* Vaginal drain(*)
Whereas some women experiment to stain light through their pregnancy, bleeding is restlessness subject. Early in his pregnancy, it could indicate an abortion. In the seconds and third trimesters, bleeding it is associated to the work, praevia of the placenta, or to abruptio premature of the placenta, the conditions that require the immediate medical attention.

* Veiled vision(*)
If its Vista is able nebula in the center to exercise, you can be dehydrated, who send his fall in arterial mincemeat of the pressure and its heart in the sobremarch. Therefore, blood can not enough obtain to the vital organs of the baby who becomes. You can also have pre-eclampsia, a condition characterized by high the arterial tension, the fluid retention, and protein in tinkles it. Since pre-eclampsia can seriously restrict the flow of the blood to the placenta, it can be absolutely dangerous for a baby who becomes.

* Nausea
The average patients of sensation you could have accumulated too acid lactic -- a by-product of the metabolism of the muscle if you are working very hardly -- in your stomach.

* Vertigos
The persistent vertigos or the vertigos accompanied by the veiled vision and headaches or palpitaciones can be a symptom of the severe anemia or the other serious disease that could affect its pregnancy.

* Desmayar itself(*)
If you are in the center of the class of the exercise of the pregnancy or no, desmayar itself in pregnancy can mean that you have a problem and needs to be verified. It could mean something as simple as the dehydration, or as serious as important circulatory problems. You can not obtain the enough oxygen to your brain, that means that neither she is his baby.

* Disnea
If, whereas you exercise, you cannot continue a conversation or you sweat the buckets, you are working probably too much hardly. Cerciórese of which you it is exercising within his safe range of heart-quarrels.

* Palpitaciones of heart
If you are found out any stranger, the sensations of fluttery in your chest, you can exercise too much hardly. And gradually stopped deceleration. Verify with his midwife and you cerciórese of which you it is exercising within his safe range of heart-quarrels.

* Increasing swelling in its hands, feet, and ankles
Their feet and hands can blow upon a little after exercise, but if you notice more swelling than generally, of you they can have pre-eclampsia.

* Acute pain in the abdomen and the chest(*)
Their ligaments can as soon as to stretch, but you could also have contractions. You will need to be hooked until a fetal monitor so her midwife can discover if you are in work.

* Sudden change in temperature of the body
If their hands give humid return or you obtain hot flesh colors or of the cold, its body is saying to him that it is awhile having hard regulating of his internal thermometer, that can be harmful to its fetus. His baby can obtain hardly reheated as you do it, and the blood that flows to the uterus will be amused to the skin as the body tries to refresh dull, putting possibly the baby in danger.

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