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Dolores of head and face pain




“Before I came to the Dr Klemons, the pressure in my head was so bad that I thought that my head would explode, and the vertigos were so bad that I struck in the walls. So happy I’m that all the problems are all gone.“ - Fisnike M.


The vertigos and I am annoying can cause the enormous frustration. Some of our patients say them that these problems can be quite smooth, but others disclose the terrible attacks that cause them to the explosion in the walls or still they keep to leave the bed. In many cases the attending physicians, the neurologists, and the specialists of the ear, the nose and the throat use MRI of the brain, and the tests that imply the water that is driven in the ears. But what you do if all the tests are negative and his doctor says that there is nothing badly or nothing that can do?

The good news are that one in most of the cases, we can help. There are many serious causes of the vertigos, such as diseases of the ear and tumors. In the cases where these have been eliminated by the several tests, it is very possible that the cause implies the disfunción of a called muscle sternocleidomastoid, or SCM for the short circuit. Fixations of this muscle of the right of the skull behind the ear and to the chest in the superior center of the cage of the rib. When he is disfuncional, it can cause nobodies of the following problems:

- vertigos
- I am annoying
- veiled vision that comes and goes
- headaches

The muscle itself is only rarely painful, so it is often ignored like cause of these problems. Nevertheless, the appropriate evaluation and the treatment of these muscles can lead to the elimination of symptoms in most of the cases.

On 90% of our patient that suffer of vertigos or report of I am annoying that they are gone when we unloaded them of the treatment. We diagnosed and we dealed with vertigos the discussed way in "how we treated headaches successfully, pain the face, the etc." section of this site.

They are following the examples that were filled the form by our patients, who experienced vertigos before the treatment.


license of “I couldn’t my house because the really repugnant headaches and pain the face and vertigos were so horrible. I can’t obtains on the fact that they are gone all the symptoms and how each one treated to me wonderfully. I say each one with headaches to come here.“ - Darlene L.

“I wanted to thank for each one in the center by headaches and the face pain by all its amiability and to specially support Dr Klemons. After my accident of car, it had extreme headaches, pain the jaw, pain the face, and vertigos. He was so bad that I had to cut behind drastic in my schedule of the work. After the treatment, all my symptoms have disappeared and I feel as I have my life back.“ - Jason M.

the headaches and the vertigos of “My were so bad that it could leave bed hardly. I almost wished to die. The Dr Klemons and his personnel not only done me the great sensation physically, but mentally, and emotionally also. Each person in this office dealt to me with respect and took care of obvious on obtaining to me better. I couldn’t is possibly more grateful.” Karen M.


the worse symptoms of “The were loss of balance and noises in my ears that were totally debilitating. I was worried to the death that never would leave. At least ten doctors and in Europe diagnosed to me here. The specialists of seven ear, the nose and the throat thought that she had a viral infection in my ears. So wonderful It’s to feel so good and ready for being unloaded after the Dr Klemons treated me by a short time. Without a doubt, this one is the best I’ve office of doctor’s always AIDS to.” - Iain S.


Remember please that each patient is unique and can respond differently. Our total tariff of the success is in the excess of 90%, based on the similar forms signed by the patients in the unloading.

The consultations of the telephone with the professionals are pleasant, or chasque to make contact to us here with enemy with. The Dr Klemons and our personnel would love satisfying him in person. Call 732-727-5000 to install an appointment today.

To other professionals they refer to the patients the doctors, the dentists, chiropractors, the psychologists, therapists physical and. Nevertheless, to the previous patients they refer or many of our patients are based on their own decision without the necessity of a remission.



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