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The questions in the gastroenterology and the forum of the diseases of the higado one have been answered close
The Dr Kevin Pho who is board certificó in internal medicine and by the doctors of the system of the health of Ford of the Henry.

Dizzyness, and Nasea after eating

Subject: Misceláneo.
Subject: Dizzyness, and Nasea after eating

Of APost
.Hello Dr.

I obtained of a passage of three days of the carnival approximately two weeks ago and been obtaining I have navigated and naseous near 20-30 minutes after I eat. In the passage I never drank alot (4 drinks to the day) but to the point to vomit, of behavoir or blackouts of towards be-of-control. Since the passage finished this one is how my day goes.

I feel more better possible in the morning. As it goes the day ignited the waves of the experience of I of dizzyness, and nasea specially after eating. For the moment at which the night arrives, I am disappointed because I feel been annoying and unmotivated. The sensation leaves when I feel down or I place. They disturban to me mainly when I am stopped for above and I move around.

You have you devise in what is igniting?
mhdsteinIt can have several options, extending of ulcers to the gastritis to the gastroenteritis.

It would consider a superior series of the SOLDIER ENLISTED IN the ARMY or a superior endoscopia like reasonable initial test to evaluate for any masses, restrictions, ulcers, or obstruction. The stools can be sent for the several diseases of the SOLDIER ENLISTED IN the ARMY - including culture, Giardia and ova/parasites.

If everything returns the refusal, you can decide on the specialized test. A condition that comes to matter is the syndrome carcinoid - that can lead to clean with a spurt of water and to vertigos after eating. An analysis of tinkles for metabolite 5-HIAA would be the initial test for this infrequent condition.

Another one would be gastroparesis - or delayed gastric draining. An exploration that vacia gastric would be required to diagnose this.

These options can be discussed with their personal doctor.

Followup with its personal doctor is essential.

This answer does not think as and it does not replace for the medical advice - the presented/displayed information is for the patient education only. See his personal doctor for the additional evaluation of his individual case please.

Kevin, M.D.
Medical Weblog:
.you go better to his doc. and obtains a test of the breathing in bacteria of the píloros of the killer.
Their buffet has generally a little mixed aged matter with the fresh matter.
and you drank of you join the premises when you are in excursion?/

.It could be the vertigo. It will cause terrible nausea.

.When wide-awake a morning, always I am tired, I must force generally my breakfast down. Before and later the meals, with himself nauseas and I must seat or put sometimes to make the shutdown of the sensation. Attempt to go to sleep early, but I have many to sleep of the hardship. I often feel that weak and I can be unemployed sometimes hardly.

You please will say to me what is igniting?

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