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Assembled: 25 DEC 2005
Posts: 7

Fixed: DEC 26, 2005 Mon subjects of the post    of 4:42 P.M.: constant vertigos or DP?  

he was right to vagar if another who has DP has vertigos of constant 24/7 or headedness of the light?
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Assembled: the 16 of sept of 2005
Posts: 376

Fixed: DEC 26, 2005 Mon subjects of the post    of 5:07 P.M.:  

It always had an attack of the panic? cause thats one of the most constant symptoms of the panic.
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Assembled: 25 DEC 2005
Posts: 7

Fixed: DEC 26, 2005 Mon subjects of the post    of 6:53 P.M.:  

yes and I think that she is how this whole thing began. in the beginning the right thought of i that had certain sork of the main attacks with the thing of dizzines and within some secounds of the main attacks supposed I freaked towards outside and had a complete blown attack of the panic to the point which I called 911 because I thought that li8fe did not die anything of the class I have followed one another always all my that never I have had nobody sork of the abnormal anxiety and am 18 but height instintly I mean within secound or of wasnt of two is more literally and have been in this dizzines constant 24/7 without the relevaciĆ³n what so always. he is is a class of wierd of vertigos to her is hard to explain it with the words but what is I never obtain a breakage of her.
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Assembled: the 09 of oct of 2005
Posts: 132
Location: United Kingdom

Fixed: DEC 26, 2005 Mon subjects of the post    of 8:34 P.M.:  

With himself this the "main attacks" also. Very easily frightened his. I feel as if im which it is going to happen towards outside in my feet, literally. It had it in that of the bank the other day and I had to reach outside towards and gram on a hand track. He was so embarrassing. Encounter always this I happen in the tight areas also, the tree-lined avenues of purchases, the airports etc, the same place where there are loads of people to watch freaking to him towards outside.

I feel sometimes like im nonpart of the normal society. In fact, im going to begin a subject in this in the general area of the discussion.

Memories for its recovery,

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